strategic priorities 2020-2025

The Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) U.K. & Europe’s strategic priorities 2020-2025 is designed to serve as a road map to the leadership and laity of Bethel United Church. Since the organisation’s inception, the leadership of Bethel has promoted an Apostolic message based on biblical principles serving as a catalyst to plant churches both nationally and internationally.

The core of Vision 2020-2025 is focused on a renewed obedience and response to Jesus Christ the “Great Commissioner’s” exhortation to “make disciples.” The vision is that the entire church will align herself with living out the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; Luke 24:47-49

Organized around our mission statement to “Win Souls and Grow Disciples” our specific goals over the next five years are summarized below. It is important to note that the primary strategic emphasis will be the development of disciples, for this reason the goals should be understood as our priority in the allocation of time and resources.

To be clear, we believe God is preparing to work as never before in the life of our churches and the wider body of Christ who apply the principles as Jesus commanded. We will through intentional and precise teaching create a culture of discipleship by aligning the saints to a scriptural understanding of what it means to be a disciple and equipping each person to live and help others live as disciples of Jesus Christ who will teach others to do the same.

Toward this end, the primary focus over the strategic period will be the realization of five primary goals:

  1. A renewed commitment to transforming and effective Evangelism & Discipleship, through teaching and training we will experience church growth by the grace of God through our obedience, passion and sincerity to the Great Commission.
  2. Leadership Development with a focus on emerging leaders 18-40 Years old, who we will intentionally prepare to serve as the future leaders of the church
  3. Church Planting to establish the church nationally and internationally
  4. Local Church Growth & Development Initiatives to strengthen our churches
  5. Financial Increase to finance the ministries of the church



  • Evaluate present evangelism practices, preferences, traditions, and culture.
  • Review, Recommission, Re-educate.



Leadership is crucial to the effective vision and mission of the church. It’s a fact a church can never be greater than its leaders. It is therefore crucial that leaders understand the importance of their role in the life, growth and effectual operation of the church. Using the same model as above we will evaluate present leadership style, practices and culture.

  • Review, Recommission, Re-educate, Restrict, Retire (if necessary)
  • Review current leadership practices
  • Re-commission redundant leaders when and where applicable
  • Re-educate leaders through rolled out leadership development training across the districts, from time to time when there is need for a more specialist approach, persons with specific callings and skills will be invited to assist with training and development
  • Restrict leadership practices that do not best reflect our core values, or feed into the vision and mission, and core values
  • Retire/Emeritus leaders who can no longer function in leadership capacity due to age, sickness, attitude or lifestyle
  • Create a series of training and mentorship opportunities for emerging leaders to enter the ministry



Crucial to the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth is the churches mandate to plant churches. The following must be considered in order to effectively accomplish this:


  • Time – when’s the best time for this to take place
  • Talent – what skills and talents does it require
  • Team – what human resources can we afford to send
  • Training – what training needs to happen to prepare church plan teams
  • Task – what will the task encompass
  • Treasure – How much will it cost? How will we sustain the individuals and their families?


5 Year Church Plant Goal

  • 6 Churches in the United Kingdom (1 new church plant in each district 2020-2025)
  • 1 in Europe (2020-2025)



The local church has historically been a great source of support and encouragement to the organisation. They have also given Bethel partnership and outreach opportunities it would not otherwise have. It is therefore important that they are developed and sustained. This will enable us to best care for the new souls we are planning to reach for the kingdom of God with our discipling programmes.



No church is independent until it is financially independent, and in compliance with all Charity Commission guidelines. Financial freedom is not a pipe dream it can be achieved, and will be achieved by first creating a financial growth plan.

A Bethel fundraising team will be formed and will operate as a board of trustees subcommittee, and as such would be tasked to develop an on-going fundraising strategy.



  • Academic Scholarships
  • Bethel Care Homes
  • Minister’s Insurance Package
  • Retreat Centre
  • Family Life Centre
  • Bethel Academic School of Excellence
  • Bethel Credit Union
  • Bethel Social Housing Building Projects



The need for prayer and fasting will be intensified during this period. There will be a need to appoint district prayer coordinators to galvanise the saints to stand in faith and believe God for the miraculous!


National Headquarters Address:  Bethel Convention Centre, Kelvin Way, Birmingham, B70 7JW


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