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  1. Using Eventbrite – individuals and groups can register and pay via Eventbrite
  2. Church Secretary – individuals and groups can register via their church secretary. The church secretary can either register on their behalf via Eventbrite or use Google Forms to input the registration information and pay the fees via BACS transfer. 



0-11 years Early bird – £0 

12+ Early bird – £5 (until 26th September 2021)

0-11 years Early bird – £0

12+ Standard – £8 (from 27th September to 23rd October 2021)

Theme: ‘’Make Room’’ 2 Kings 4: 8-17

Whist we continue to follow COVID – 19 protocols, we are excited to welcome you into the building to worship, re-connect and spend time in the presence of the Lord. (Please note, the daytime sessions/empowerment workshops will not be streamed live)

As the newly appointed Youth Team we are looking forward to see what God has in store for us, we believe souls will be restored, souls will be saved and there will be a call for baptisms, in the name of Jesus.

This year’s theme focuses on 2 Kings 4: 8 -17 ‘’Make Room”. Where the Shunamite woman sees and recognises a holy man of God (Elisha) passing by. She encourages Elisha to enter her family home but she takes the term we know as ‘hospitality’ to another level by making a room in her home for the holy man of God and furnishes the space with a bed, table, a chair and a lamp so that he had a place of refuge, whenever he passed by.

Youth Congress will be a daytime and early evening spirit led event, which includes a break with food available for sale!


There will be 4 interactive empowerment workshops; each allocated to meet the needs of differing age groups.

4 to 11 years – BUSY

12 to 17 years – we are excited to be supported by Fix Your Crown 

18 to 30 years – Real Talk

31 years+ – Let’s Make Room

Empowerment Workshops 12pm – 2.30pm 

4 to 11 years – BUSY (Age split is 4 to 7 years and 8 to 11 years) 

Bethel United School for Youth (BUSY) is back! Register your children – ages 4-11- for Youth Congress this October. 

The topic, Make Room, will be covered. We’ll be teaching our youngsters that Jesus must be at the forefront of everything they do, not an added extra. 

We have limited spaces, DBS checked teachers in assistance and COVID measures will be in place.

12 to 17 year olds – Fix Your Crown

Fix Your Crown is a movement which aims to empower, educate, and equip our young boys & girls to better themselves. We aim to accomplish this by showing them to Love God, love yourself, and love others effectively. 

The topic of this event is: Mind Your Own. Based around the scripture ‘For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..’ Proverbs 23:7

We have some amazing speakers who will be speaking on some very important topics to do with the mind. 

Importance of Mental Health: Missionary Louise Chinyuku and Minister Josh Livingston

Strengthening the mind: Minister Graham Campbell and Sister Dionne Callaway 

Godly mindset: Evangelist Kem Saunders and Sister Tahani Brown

We look forward to seeing you there. 

FYC team 

Instagram: @fycmovement

18 to 30 years – Real Talk

1 – Empowerment Workshop  

Evangelist Georgia Campbell

Topic: ‘’What More?’’

Blessings everyone! I am evangelist Georgia Campbell from the Small Heath assembly, I am also the youth coordinator for Central District too. Young people and young adults have always been my heart, and it’s my passion to empower, encourage and help nurture the next generation in the knowledge and power of God. 

The workshop I will be leading is called “What more?” 

The objective of this workshop is to challenge your mindset. Re-evaluate where we are and understand where and what our “more” is. 

I’m asking that you prepare yourself to challenge your current situation, actions, decisions, relationships and frankly just about everything. 

I ask you … Are you ready to be real and challenge your “What more?”

2 – Empowerment Workshop

Minister Luke Francis

Topic: ‘Me, Myself and God!’’

I am Luke Francis from Bethel Gibson Road serving our National Youth as Music ministry liaison. My passion for the youth is to see them fulfil their God-given potential in the House of God.

This workshop is called ‘’Me, myself and God’’. The aim is to explore many of the challenges we face as youth and young adults and how we Make Room for God to direct our thoughts and paths. This will be an interactive workshop so come prepared to question, challenge and be challenged. 

3 – Empowerment Workshop

Question & Answer Panel with speakers and guest panellists

This is your time to ask questions, learn, grow and gain further insight related to our young people.

31 years & Over – Let’s Make Room

1 – Empowerment Workshop

Sis Jade Linton

Topic: ‘’While you are waiting’’

Blessings Family! My name is Jade Linton and I minister in the Rugby Assembly of The United Pentecostal Church. I have served in Church from a young age, with a particular zeal for teaching and preaching the Word of God. 

Our session is titled “While you are waiting” – effectively using, recognising and embracing that space between the desire and its fulfilment. Do you have a desire to be married, to advance in your career, ministry, to grow or to change? Whatever your desire may be, it is my objective that by the end of this session you will learn how to recognise a “good” desire and why the journey to fulfilment can be a blessing not a burden, all whilst drawing encouragement in a safe place of individuals to share with and to learn from. I look forward to meeting with you all on Saturday 23rd October 2021.

2 – Empowerment Workshop

Pastor Nathan Simmonds

Topic: ‘’A Pastor perspective – How to serve today’s youth and young adults’’

Greetings! My name is Pastor Nathan Simmonds and I serve at Bethel Apostolic Church Ipswich. My session with you will be an interactive one and I’m excited for us to explore the below questions and thoughts.

  • In an age when things are moving at pace, how does the relationship between Pastor and Youth survive?
  • How does the Pastor serve the Youth?
  • How does the Youth Serve the Pastor?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are some of the solutions?

Come ready to discuss and ask questions. I pray we will all be blessed by this session. 

See you all very soon!

God Bless

3 – Empowerment Workshop

Question & Answer Panel with speakers and guest panellists

This is your time to ask questions, learn, grow and gain further insight related to our young people.

Early Evening 

We will enjoy a time of worship, celebrating our youth and young adults and we anticipate a blessing from the word of God. 

Our keynote speaker will be: Rev. Adrian Hall National Youth President of UPC GB&I. 

This part of our service will be streamed live by Eagle Vision, Bethel Productions and supported by our British Sign Language Team.

Come with a great expectancy and a spirit of revival.

You do not want to miss this!


National Headquarters Address:  Bethel Convention Centre, Kelvin Way, Birmingham, B70 7JW


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